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Translation and Transcreation
A translation should 'look and feel' like an original text rather than a 'translation' ‒ show your readers that you respect them, and grab their attention! Your company's credibility and goodwill has a lot to do with the way you address your international audience. Make sure you choose the right words and tonality for your message ‒ and the right language professional to entrust with this task.

'Transcreation' is a free form of translation that conveys the intended message without adhering strictly to the structure of the original text. The idea is to let the natural flow of the target language determine the rendition of the content.

Fields of Expertise

Journalistic Authoring & Editing

A major portion of my work consists of journalistic writing and editing for company and industry publications. I conduct interviews with my clients' customers in German or English, research subject matters independently, or use client-provided material for case studies, press releases or articles in customer or employee magazines, online media, or books. Furthermore, I routinely edit client-provided English or German draft copy to improve readability, clarity, structure, spelling and grammar or adjust the length to fit the available space. I work with Adobe InDesign CC.



Advertising copy is frequently requested in English for publication in international media. I provide copywriting services in German or English for customer success stories, product flyers, websites, brochures and other marketing collateral, or advertisements in printed or electronic media.
I develop brand names, mottos or catchphrases that 'ring', working closely with the client until the desired result is achieved. I collaborate with reputable agencies on a regular basis.


Language Coaching

In today's globalised business world, engineers and technical writers who are non-native speakers of English frequently have to write in English for, or speak publicly to, an international audience without having a linguistic background. A one-day or multi-day on-site language seminar with an experienced coach can help them express themselves more professionally and avoid typical mistakes or 'false friends'. Call or e-mail for a quotation.



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